I am a passionate and driven go getter person with more to him than one can put on a page. Multimedia Graphic Designer, versed in various mediums and formats of design. Specialising in the Adobe suite programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Premier Pro, After Effects and Audition. Additionally I have skills in WordPress, FileZilla, Bulk Mailing software, Ticketing systems, and various other software.  Time-savvy, tech guru, all rounder and passionate.

Me :)

I have had a variety of jobs in varies industries which has built my knowledge and experience on many aspects pertaining to the individual jobs but also to the people involved in them. Wherever I have worked, I have always been seen as the go to person for whatever needs to be done and having ended up wearing multiple hats in the companies I have worked for, I must say that I thrive in an environment where no two work days are the same.

Throughout my work experience I have often had roles managing teams of people and/or projects and getting the best and most efficient work out of them al the while being part of the team and always getting along with everyone.

In all honesty I am a very diligent and time efficient person with a creative and technical knack to myself, and who thrives with any challenge that is put in front of me. Regardless of the old saying “I am a fast learner” and however may times you have heard this, all my past challenges have proven, that whatever I don’t know, i’ll be onto before you know it.

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